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S-Gate Valve

The S-Gate Valve is an innovative product that allows for valve installation without disrupting the supply of water, which can be installed at any desired location by the operator. The valve design is a resilient seated gate valve, certified by WSAA to the relevant Australian standards for use on potable water supply. Made of high-grade ductile iron, the valves offer both temporary and permanent isolation solutions for the water network.

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Our Solution Overview

S-Gate Valve is a new innovative product, designed to provide safe mechanical isolation on pipelines, where no isolation is currently feasible.  The valve is directly cut into a live water pipeline, under full operational pressure.

Currently, the available sizes of S-Gate valves are DN100, DN150, DN200, DN225, DN250, DN300, DN375, and DN450 with all sizes currently stocked in-house.

Ductile Iron Temporary Gate valve to allow installation of S-Gate Valve under Pressure. Thermal bonded polymeric coating for corrosion resistance. Akzo Nobel Resicoat R-4ES applied in accordance with AS/NZS 4158

Our Equipment

Designed and tested in accordance with Australian Standards, our high-quality valves are made of high-grade ductile iron.


DN L H D Install Range ACC
100 400 440 122 +/- 4mm (d) SGAETEII-100
150 450 498 177 +/- 4mm (d) SGAETEII-150
150 OS 450 498 183 +/- 4mm (d) SGAETEII-150OS
200 450 562 232 +/- 4mm (d) SGAETEII-200
200 OS 450 562 239 +/- 4mm (d) SGAETEII-200OS
225 520 511 259 +/- 4mm (d) SGAETEII-225
250 520 638 286 +/- 4mm (d) SGAETEII-250
250 OS 520 638 294 +/- 4mm (d) SGAETEII-250OS
300 540 711 345 +/- 4mm (d) SGAETEII-300
300 OS 540 711 356 +/- 4mm (d) SGAETEII-300OS
375 680 970 426 +/- 4mm (d) SGAETEII-375
450 850 1167 507 +/- 4mm (d) SGAETEII-450

Frequently Asked Questions

Is water isolation necessary during the installation of S-Gate valves?

No, the S-Gate valve can be installed on a live main without interrupting the water supply at any stage of the installation.

On which types of pipes can the S-Gate valve be installed?

The S-Gate valve can be installed on DI, CI, AC, and PVC and HDPE pressure pipes, rated from PN12 to PN16. Due to the specific nature of each pipe, please contact our specialist team to ensure the S-Gate is suitable for your pipeline.

What are the available sizes of S-Gate valves?

Currently, the available sizes of S-Gate valves are DN100, DN150, DN200, and DN2225 DN250, DN300, DN375, and DN450 with all sizes currently stocked in-house.

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