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In June and July of 2022, a major leak was discovered in the main pipeline that was the single feed to the town of Morawa and surrounds. The leak posed a significant threat to the town’s water supply and needed to be fixed immediately.

The high-pressure main and the responsibility of dealing with a single feed to a farm community and township presented significant challenges for Saltire. The company had to quickly mobilize pipe, materials, and personnel to the remote site, which was located approximately 500km from their base in Perth Canning area. The job had to be completed during Covid restrictions, adding to the challenge.

Saltire’s crew were mobilised to the farm town to solve the leak. The company utilised 3 in-house technologies to replace the existing main, while continuing to supply water to the town of Three Springs. Firstly, two S-Gate valves were installed on the outer limits of the proposed pipe replacement. Second, hot tapping was performed on each side of the main, to facilitate a by-pass main set-up and third a DN 110 PE by-pass was connected using Hawle System 2000 mechanical couplings. Once the by-pass was in place, the S-Gate valves were used to shut down the leaking section of the pipeline, and the road was cut, the old pipeline was dug up and removed. The new pipeline was then placed and welded, and after treating the pipe with chlorine and testing the pressure, the new section was connected to the main and the by-pass was removed. Finally, the road and side road was reinstated.


Despite the challenges, Saltire delivered all aspects of the project, including hot tapping, S-Gate valve installation, pipeline construction, commissioning, and road reinstatement. The company mobilised to the site to undertake the emergency repair work in just three days after the client’s approval and completed the job in approximately two weeks. The successful completion of the project ensured that the towns of Morawa, Koolanooka and multiple farms had a reliable water supply without disruption during the urgent repair works. The client for the works has commended Saltire for the ability to perform the task to completion at the highest quality in such a short timeframe.


Saltire’s quick and efficient solution to the major leak in Three Springs demonstrates the company’s expertise and ability to handle challenging and time-sensitive projects. The use of a combination of technologies provides a unique offering within W.A. for this type of urgent repair works.