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Emergency Pipeline Repair Work

Saltire Infrastructure technology and crews are available to assist with emergency pipeline and network repair works. Our technologies significantly reduce outage impacts and allow repairs works that can be undertaken quickly and safely.

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Repair work that has to be completed on any water utility can lead to service disruption to thousands of customers in each case – including critical systems such as fire services, hospitals, schools, data centres and much more. With removing and replacing inoperable or damaged components leaving services down for extended periods, utilities and private companies need to ensure their water infrastructure remains in service whilst also upgrading and updating those systems for the future.

Saltire Infrastructure’s technologies specialise in live intervention and system continuity, to reduce or negate the disruption caused by these works. Utilising hot-tapping, S-Gate valves and flow-stopping systems, Saltire can stop water flow within most pipeline networks and also by-pass or  redirect water flow to allow repairs and maintenance works to proceed without interruption.


Our Technology

We harness a unique mix of technologies and solutions to ensure your system continuity during repairs. This includes hot tapping, flow stopping and s-gate valves.

Hot Tapping

Saltire Infrastructure utilises high-pressure rated Hot Tapping Equipment for the fast and safe installation of new branch connections and bypass mains, with the current capability to install DN25-DN400 offtakes.


Flow Stopping

Line Stopping allows works to be undertaken on water mains without interruption to customer supply. Deploying a stopper and bypass system, the rig set-up allows for sections of pipelines to be made dry allowing safe repair or replacement of the existing network.


S-Gate Valve

Saltire Infrastructure’s S-gate Valve System is a WSAA-approved live insertion valve system, designed to be used on live under pressure pipelines, providing mechanical isolation on the network to operator’s requirements and a future asset on the pipeline network to be used time and time again.


Live Pipeline Inspection

We can accurately identify and record leakage points in fully operational pipelines without disruption to water supply/ stakeholders. The technology also assists in commissioning works, surveying internal pipelines and identifying failure locations under pressure testing.


Key Advantages

Eliminate shutdowns and outages

Ensuring the continued operation and supply of water to stakeholders.

Reduce construction footprint

Reduce excavation work and traffic management with location-specific isolation solutions.

Safer Equipment

Safe, modern and efficient equipment engineered to comply with international and Australian standards.

Reduce Environmental Impact

Eliminate loss of treated water on the network by redirecting supply during maintenance work.

Save Money

Save an average of 40% of installation and repair work by eliminating 100% of the costs related to system shutdown.


Saltire provide reliable and emergency services you can count on and customised for your needs.

Our clients rely on us to innovate, deliver and excel.

Saltire Infrastructure Pty Ltd is a specialist civil contracting company focused on delivering services to Australia’s water service industry. Our company is headed by a team of highly experienced industry personnel who hold decades of engineering, management, and operations experience within the water and wastewater industry.


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